Welcome to San Simón Indigenous Spiritual Temple!

A popular image of the folk saint San Simon / Maximon

A popular image of the folk saint San Simón / Maximón

San Simón Indigenous Spiritual Temple is a celebration of the mystery of San Simón / Maximón, a folk saint revered amongst the Maya who has made his presence and his willingness to work on humanity’s behalf known across the world. Our temple is humbly dedicated to the proliferation of his image and wisdom, the reclamation of animistic worldview and practices, and the wellbeing of those who seek his aid and our services in times of need.

We provide education in the form of classes and workshops as well as news updates regarding indigenous and human rights issues. Our religious services include guidance through spiritual readings using traditional divinatory arts, the setting of vigil lights, spiritual masses (séances), and rites of cleansing and blessing.

Praise & Honor to Hermano Simón!